Matateu foi o primeiro Africano sub-Saariano a ganhar ampla notoriedade na Europa do pós-guerra

"Matateu was the first sub-Saharan African to gain widespread notoriety in post-war Europe. Born in Lourenço Marques in 1927 into working-class family, he was known in Maputo for stellar performances with Primeiro de Mayo, a local club controlled by Lisbon’s CF Belenenses."

  • Página (87), dedicada a Matateu, no livro "African Soccerscapes - How a Continent Changed the World's Game - " de autoria de Peter Alegi,  integrado na colecção "Africa in World History" (Series Editors: David Robinson and Joseph C. Miller). Capitulo: "Football Migration to Europe since the 1930s.

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